Top Bunch Of Things Yacht Crew Do When The Season Ends

  1. Go directly to the nearest shipyard.
  2. Go directly to a shipyard really far away.
  3. Demand a vacation. Get denied. Work.
  4. Get laid off.
  5. Get laid (statistically fewer than number 4 but anecdotally greater).
  6. Threaten to party and then cover the watch.
  7. Play music really loudly until you get a look.
  8. Go for a run in an industrial wasteland.
  9. Dodge hurricanes.
  10. Let out an involuntary war cry.
  11. Let out an involuntary sob.
  12. Get knocked up.
  13. Quit/Get fired.
  14. Have a coffee a shot a beer a wine and a lie down.
  15. Work like your mama doesn’t know you know how.
  16. Mic Drop.
  17. Pick up mic and polish and put away neatly in labelled box.

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