Rant, Over.

To even the most casual observer, the last few years have experienced a significant uptick in advice and commentary no one asked for being loudly thrust into forums and threads, arriving like a sailboat in the middle of the Sahara: of dubious utility, and difficult to return. This increase in ranting has been building to a crest with the writers here at The GA, and in the end we just went off. About going off.

Enough with the fucking rants. Message received. You know everything, everyone else is an idiot, if only the world would listen to you there would be fewer problems, other than having an abundance of santicomonious assholes who know where the caps lock key is and have a great deal of time on their hands.

Oh look, another opinion on what other people should put on other people’s own CVs. Because you said so. And more advice from an older someone on how to be a younger someone, how handy. Thank you for this unsolicited input on productivity, person who apparently spends the majority of their time in online forums. We’re all ears, please, bestow more of your knowledge on how to get a job, or do things the right way, or just simply not annoy you. Better yet, would you be so kind as to reduce a complex, nuanced issue, to a trite, angry response? Those are the best.

Put a sock in it. Stow it in your salty sea locker. Fold it neatly into thirds, tuck it in a envelope, add a return address, and insert it into your backside. Here’s an idea. Write your rant down, in all its ‘Power of Grayskull’ glory. Then count to ten and ask yourself, if I said this in French would I still sound like an asshole? If your answer is yes then delete it and weigh yourself immediately; you’ll be at least 5 pounds lighter. If you find yourself saying ‘no’ then be warned: you are probably lying and your anger is going to give you hemmorhoids in exchange for your friends. Yes, that is an unfair trade. No, put the keyboard down, don’t write a rant about it. Try something else, like going for a run. Maybe a two week one. In the Sahara. 

Rant over.


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