The Yachtie Shipping Forecast: This Weekend


Ship Garthsnaid at sea c. 1920

General Synopsis:

As a ridge of steady pressure sweeps across the entire fleet of yachts on both sides of the Atlantic – with a number of extended charters coming to an end and overtime yard periods finishing just in time for the battered crew to head straight into the summer season – expect passing tantrums and scattered tears to extend through the weekend and into next week.

–Florida, And Surrounding Regions–
Drinking: Heavy at times, increasing late Saturday and into Sunday morning. Persistent shots breaking midday, but with a chance of strengthening late Sunday night. Take your umbrella just in case.

Visibility: Generally poor.

 Waves: Of nausea, preceded by some feelings of euphoria, followed by crashing.

Gail WarningSunday night, slight chance of meeting Gail. She is full blown crazy with a chance of developing into a significant disturbance. 

Drinking: Seasonal, steady drizzle. Rosé turning to men in the early hours.

Visibility: Fuzzy with illusions of clarity. Extremely poor driving conditions. Don’t.

Waves: Too small to surf leading to likelihood of extreme drinking.  Reports of pick-pockets along coast persist, small person advisory in effect.  

Gail Warning: Chance of Gail being here too. She is hard to track. Seaside towns may only receive a few moments notice before being inundated with unexpected Jäger. 



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