The blog has grown and been spread around a little now, to the point where I see old friends and acquaintances sharing and liking posts. And that shared grin across the crew messes, aft decks, and bars of yachting is the stuffing that makes this mattress bounce. 

Who writes this blog? You already know. We’re the crew member you always catch the glance of in a crew meeting for a secret eye-roll. The other uniform you pass in the grocery store, managing two shopping carts, and share a knowing nod with. The engineer next-in-line at the chandlers who chuckles quietly to himself when you joke with the store manager about needing shit yesterday. For free if possible.

You already know who writes this. We’re out there with you, sharing the joke along with the work. So feel free to pull up for a read and a snort anytime, we’re always game for a poke at the absurd.

The GA

On Twitter as @TheGeneralAlarm

Facebook page: The General Alarm


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